Breast MRI


In order to be able to screen patients who are suspecting breast cancer, breast MRI is being resorted to be many doctors. In the modern day world, there has been a fair amount of advancement in the field of medical science and the same has ensured that ailments get discovered at the earliest. Getting to know of the existence of breast cancer in the early stages ensures that the same can be addressed and the patient treated for the same. A breast MRI has become one of the better and more sure shot ways of detecting breast cancer.

Breast MRI scan

What is breast MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging is the technique, which permits a detailed imaging of any body part, and the same can then be studied by a medical practitioner so as to check out for any anomalies. Once the MRI shows signs of any anomaly, further detailed tests as considered fit for that particular disease or ailment are considered. A person undergoing breast MRI is made to lie face down on a cushioned mattress with depressions for the breasts to fit in. These depressions have a network of magnetic lines for the MRI to take place.

Other ways to detect breast cancer

There are many ways other than breast MRI by which a person can come to know if she is infected with breast cancer. Ranging from self-examinations of the breasts to detailed mammograms, the list is indeed a long one. In the modern day world, where the generations are becoming increasingly aware and cautious of their health, the need for breast MRI is becoming a common one. It is this simple means of detecting the cancer of the breast that many lives have been saved and numerous practitioners are turning to this way of detecting the breast cancer on regular basis.

What all MRI can tell?

A breast MRI basically gives the doctor a set of images of the breast and these are thereafter used to form a composite picture by interpretation. The breast MRI results are quite accurate as far as the presence of cancer is concerned. Once the MRI result hints towards the presence of cancer, a biopsy is usually carried out to check for further confirmation. Once the same has been confirmed, steps to prevent further spread and ill effects of the cancer are taken. It is indeed one of the effective and sure shot ways of detecting the cases of breast cancer.


In order to be able to combat the ailment of breast cancer, there is a serious need to spread the awareness of the same. The methods of detection of the cancer such as mammograms, self-examinations and breast MRI must be readily available for the women. In addition, there must be ready availability of medical practitioners to study the reports and thereafter decide the way ahead to combat the cancer. It is due to the results of a successful breast MRI that many have been able to stop the cancer from spreading.

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