Cancer-Stricken TV Host Forced To Remove Wig By TSA During Horrific LAX Pat-Down!

This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

Every once in a while, a story pops up about Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers harassing travelers with

The reason for the search was a medical cream Denise packed in her carry-on that the host carries as part of her cancer treatment! The shaken woman was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2015 and began chemo in February that year after having a lumpectomy.

As if

As for how the TSA is handling their AWFUL workers… they told Pix11 later in the week:

“The Transportation Security Administration takes reports of alleged impropriety very seriously. TSA is currently looking into the specific details as to what occurred during the screening process to ensure our security protocols were followed. We regret any distress the security screening process may have caused the passenger. We will work with the passenger directly to address her concerns.”

Well they better pucker up… because from the sound of it, the TSA has A LOT of ass-kissing to do!

Ch-ch-check out the video to see how Denise’s pat-down went down (below)!!!

Get well soon, Denise!

[Image via YouTube.]

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