Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Gets Major Heat For #AllLivesMatter Tweets After Police Brutality!

Prince Jackson isn’t getting the point just yet.

Michael Jackson‘s son felt the wrath of Twitter after using the hashtag #AllLivesMatter to argue that people shouldn’t only focus on protecting one race.

While the 19-year-old’s tweets were an outcry to stop the “hate and racist crimes happening everywhere to all people,” the fact that his comments were a reaction to two black men being fatally shot by police within a day of each other didn’t sit so well with the internet.

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The teen’s rant started out with an inspirational reference to his father, but went downhill with the concluding hashtag.

On Thursday, he shared:

Sure, his heart’s in the right place. But as critics pointed out, the teen failed to recognize that the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is all too commonly used to devalue the Black Lives Matter movement.

In his defense, Jackson tried to clarify his use of the hashtag:

It’s obvious Prince is sympathetic to what happened and trying to preach equality for all races. We’ll give him that.

Even so, many people found Jackson’s hashtag use not only misguided, but taking the conversation away from the tragic deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

What do YOU think about the controversy? See what people had to say in hopes of educating MJ’s son (below)!

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