Hoda Kotb Admits To Keeping In Touch With Disgraced Today Host Matt Lauer: ‘This Is One Of Those Complex Situations’

Hard times.

As you know, Hoda Kotb replaced Matt Lauer as co-anchor of the Today show alongside Savannah Guthrie earlier this year after the longtime journalist was exposed as a serial sexual harasser.

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s article for the 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media 2018 issue, the 53-year-old admitted that she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place because of her friendship with Lauer.

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She said she still communicates with the 60-year-old, who is said to be focusing on his family following the allegations:

“Yeah, we keep in touch with him. I mean look, this is one of those complex situations. I’ve known him since I started working at NBC [in 1998]. When I was sick with breast cancer, he was the first to call. He helps and helped in ways that … you know, he was incredible in that way.”

Lauer even sent Kotb a congratulatory text when she took his job.

But although they have fond memories together, Hoda is not discounting the stories of the women who accused the NBC anchor of wrongdoing:

“There is that Matt and then there’s the Matt that the accusers speak of. And those accusers’ voices matter and that story matters and it’s … (to Savannah Guthrie) It’s still tough, right?”

Savannah replied:


A tough situation, sure!

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is ‘Ready To Rock’ After Surgery Here’s Her Big ‘Fuck You’ To Cancer!

Can’t keep Julia Louis-Dreyfus down!!

On Wednesday, the Veep actress gave another update on her battle with cancer — this time posting a FAB “post-op photo” after surgery. Slaying!

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Take a look (below):

What great news!

Sending her lots of love on this journey.

[Image via Twitter.]

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Fan Grabs Harry Styles’ Crotch On Stage At Concert Video Surfaces As Fans Expose Outrage At ‘Sexual Assault’

It’s not OK when done to a woman, and not OK when done to a man!

The groping happened during the We Can Survive concert that went down last night to benefit breast cancer awareness in El Lay.

And yes, several fans did capture in on video, as you can see (below):

Wow — definitely unacceptable!!!

Another fan who was there told reporters their experience of what happened to Harry:

“Near the end of performing ‘Kiwi,’ like usual, Harry went to the very front of the stage to get the crowd extra excited. He got down onto his knees and was shaking his arms to the music with his eyes closed. A fan then reached out and touched his crotch. He very quickly got up and appeared to also shove their hand a little bit to remove them faster. You can tell it freaked him out a little because as he continued performing, he avoided the section that fan was standing in.”

We’d avoid it too.

Stop grabbing people without their consent!!!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Some Hilarious Moral Support For Her Third Chemotherapy Treatment From Her Veep Costars WATCH!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

gets by with a little help from her Veep costars!

On Thursday, the actress shared an adorably supportive video from her “darling bozos,” actors Sam Richardson and Matt Walsh, as she enters her third round of chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

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In the funny clip, the celebs try to find the right motivational quote to tell their onscreen boss — except it doesn’t go over very well! LOLz!

Watch (below)!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes Reveals His Recent Health Scare To Ellen DeGeneres!

How does Sean Hayes make even the most serious thing sound funny??

While talking to

The Will & Grace star revealed how his small intestine burst open only two or three weeks ago, but thankfully doctors were able to quickly clip it back together. He shared:

“I went to bed at night and all the sudden I felt this excruciating pain in my stomach. I went to the E.R. and thank God I did.”

We’re so glad he did!! And we’re so glad he got to come back on Ellen’s show!

You can watch him recall the scary incident (above), and how he taught her how to suck balls!

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ICYMI: Kit Harington Backtracks His Comments About Male ‘Sexism’!

Kit Harington is offering up a mea culpa.

In case you missed it, over the weekend, the Game Of Thrones star backtracked his stance on sexism against men for an interview with The Guardian. As you may recall, back in May, Kit claimed that there is a “demeaning” sexism “that happens towards men.”

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Many grew frustrated with Harington as he seemingly went on to suggest that the sexism he faced was equal to what the female gender deals with on a daily basis. Thus, he’s since apologized for comment.

The 30-year-old clarified:

“I was wrong there, though. Sexism against men is not something I should have really said. I think what I meant was, being objectified. At that time, I did feel objectified, and now I’ve learned how to control that [by] just shutting it down.

Look, I do think men can get objectified,. I do feel I have been objectified in the past, sexually as well, in pieces that have been written about me. Has that made me feel uncomfortable in the past? Yes. Do I think my position is the same as a woman’s in society? No. They’re very different things, and I should have separated them. I was wrong.”

Now this is a MUCH BETTER answer. *Applauds publicist who coached Kit*

To make matters worse, it seems Kit has yet to adjust to life as an A-lister. In his recent interview, the London-born star called his superstardom both “bizarre and weird, but noted that he doesn’t want to come off as ungrateful for the “privilege.”

To combat these conflicting feelings, Kit revealed he sets certain days where he won’t snap pics with fans. He added:

“It makes me snappy and it makes me uncomfortable, and I turn into a grumpy person… You just have to, otherwise you start feeling like a mannequin.”

Fair enough. Oh, and Kit refuses to let fans take pics of him when he’s with his fiancée Rose Leslie. Why?? Well, because, it makes the twosome feel like they’re “puppets” in their relationship.

This would explain why Harington feels the show is ending at the perfect time. On GOT‘s upcoming final season, the British hunk relayed:

“I wouldn’t have wanted to go on for another year, but if it had finished last year, it wouldn’t have felt long enough. Maybe the most special year was the first. We weren’t being recognized in the street, we didn’t know what we were doing, we were having a great time. … I’m glad I’ve experienced it, but that’s what I mean about it being eight years, then it’s done. You couldn’t go on for much longer. It’s a bit incessant.”

We’re sure Harington’s just looking forward to some peace and quiet. Ain’t no shame in that!!

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Parenting ‘Pros’ Prince William & Kate Middleton Prep For The Eventual Arrival Of Their Third Little One Get ALL The Details!

In fact, for the first 14 weeks of her pregnancy, the Duchess was confined to her residency at Kensington Palace. On the 35-year-old’s latest bout of hyperemesis gravidarum, one insider told Us Weekly:

“It was a difficult start to the pregnancy…She is feeling significantly better. Especially when you compare to how bad she was at the start. It was a worrying time for everyone.”

Nonetheless, Kate has powered through her health problems and taken up public appearances once again. Back on Monday, Princess Charlotte‘s momma joined Prince William and Prince Harry at a charity event sponsored by the Paddington 2 movie. She also stepped out (photographed above) with the royal princes on Wednesday to attend the graduation ceremony for 150 Coach Core apprentices.

And, now that Kate is somewhat on the mend, the mood about the little one is much more celebratory! Per the report, both George and Charlotte know “Mummy is carrying another brother or sister for them and they’re very excited.” Not to mention, a family insider claims Wills and Kate spend most of their days answering questions “about the size of the baby and whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

Oh, and it looks as though the couple are waiting until the due date to learn the sex of their third royal baby! Nonetheless, the unborn prince or princess will receive the best care as it’s said Kate’s OB-GYN Alan Farthing has put off retirement in order to be there for the birth.

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Let us not forget to mention the ultra-exclusive Lindo Wing the twosome have reserved at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. However, William and Kate aren’t stressing too much about baby no. three’s birth. A royal confidant shared:

“They’re taking each day as it comes. After you’ve had two children, the third usually feels like somewhat of a breeze so they’re just focused on Kate and the baby’s health right now. Everything else can wait.”

We hear that!! While the unborn baby will have one of the 22 rooms designated for the Cambridges for a nursery, a Kate insider revealed the newborn’s dwelling “will be filled with hand-me-down clothes and George and Charlotte’s old toys.” LOVES it.

In regards to the help, William and Kate have no plans to add to the already existing staff — which includes nanny Maria Borrallo and a house assistant. A tipster dished:

“At this point, they are extremely capable and confident in their parenting abilities and baby know-how. They’re absolute pros.”

Now, we know a lot of you are super royal fans, but if at any point while reading this some of you asked yourself, “Why do I care?” — you’re not alone!

BBC reporter Simon McCoy is totally over the royal baby watch. Take a peek at his latest sarcastic update on the Duke and Duchess (below):

LOLz! But if you’re like us and still invested, ch-ch-check back for more royal baby updates HERE!

[Image via John Rainford/WENN.]

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Kim Kardashian Confirms Baby News In Season 14 Teaser For KUWTK! Watch!

Well, this is probably the closest to a confirmation as we’ll get!

On Thursday,

So, whose baby is it?? Kylie Jenner‘s? Khloé Kardashian‘s?? Or Kim and Kanye West‘s??

You’ll have to watch (below) and find out!!

Season 14 is gonna be wild. Tune in this Sunday!!! #KUWTKA post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Sep 28, 2017 at 12:14pm PDT

Wow! Kimmy finally confirmed the surrogacy news!

Also, we’re seeing some drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna start to go down — despite neither of them being a part of the season’s opening!

Guess they couldn’t completely cut good ‘ol Robbie from the show!

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Olivia Newton-John Returns With A Heartwarming Message To Her Fans Following Breast Cancer Relapse Watch!

We’re glad she’s doing well!

As we reported, in May, Olivia Newton-John announced she was postponing her tour after she received a second breast cancer diagnosis.

The Grease actress was first hit with the illness in 1992 where she underwent a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy, and breast reconstruction.

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On Friday, the Physical singer posted a video on her Facebook page where she thanks fans for their support, and to also promote the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre‘s “We Go Together” campaign.

In the clip, the 68-year-old said:

“I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you who sent such kind and loving messages of support over the past few months… Your prayers and well wishes have truly helped me, and continued to lift my spirits.”

According to an ET Online source, the legendary entertainer is on the mend.

“Olivia is finishing her treatments and is excited to see her fans when she begins performing again next week.”

See the heartwarming video (below)!

[Image via Olivia Newton-John/Facebook.]

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Telemundo Host & Cancer Survivor CLAPS BACK At Body Shaming Trolls!

Adamari Lpez isn’t going to lose an ounce of sleep!

Back in May, the Telemundo host posted the (above) pic of her and husband Toni Costa enjoying their vacation in Mexico when hateful commenters criticized the Un Nuevo Da star’s weight.

This week, the former soap actress did an interview with TODAY where she isn’t letting the haters get the last word!

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She said:

“I think that when people criticize, they criticize themselves more… I do not take it personal. Most likely, those individuals that criticize so brutally have a void in their lives, which reflects in trying to destroy or denigrate others, when in fact it is a reflection of what they have in their heart. What some may not understand is that I am happy with my life and the things I have achieved as a woman, a professional and now a mother.”

The 46-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 but underwent surgery and successfully beat the disease. While her illness and recent pregnancy has affected her body, she isn’t going to lose weight just to satisfy the trolls!

“After facing cancer, I have gone through several physical changes… My body has changed. I went from being thin (size 0-2) to size 6, and my weight has been up and down ever since. During my pregnancy, I gained more weight and I haven’t committed myself to losing it yet. I’m aware that I would like to lose weight for my health, but not to satisfy the people who think I should lose weight. I will not stop showing who I am, and I will continue to live happily every stage of my life.”

Overall, the mother wants to encourage young girls to be themselves, and to not get caught up with superficial matters.

“I would tell (young women) not to get carried away by comments from people who do not know their circumstances… To never be ashamed of who they are. The size or shape of your body doesn’t define you as a person, it doesn’t determine who you are or what you can contribute to the world Be proud of yourself, recognize your achievements and work on your weaknesses to surpass yourself. Love yourself and respond to those who are rude (or make negative comments towards you) with love.”

We hear you loud and clear, Adamari!

[Image via Adamari Lpez/Instagram.]

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