7-Year-Old Girl Has No Clue Her Sailor Dad Is Sneaking Up Right Behind Her In Karate Class

Navy Operation Specialist Kendrick Killings had been deployed overseas in Japan since October 2016.

Out of the 12-year career, this is the longest Ive ever been separated from him,” said his wife, Angelina Killings.

And it was because of his wife and the rest of his family that Kendrick was able to return home.

On March 23, 2017, Angelina needed surgery to remove her gall bladder. Just one day earlier, his mom had a double mastectomy to remove breast cancer.

“It was a like a double whammy, mom and wife, and being over there he felt defenseless. Nothing he could do, said Angelina.

Then via the Red Cross, Kendrick was able to come home and be with his family once again.

However, he kept his return under wraps from a very special member of his family: his 7-year-old daughter Ava.

“She’s been asking for her dad a lot. Shes really been wanting him home,” Angelina said.

Kendrick timed his arrival right as Ava’s karate class was ending.

In the video below, the Navy sailor walked into the community center, picked up his 17-month-old son, Kaden, and then crept over to Ava, who was sitting with her classmates. Her unsuspecting back was turned to him.

He knelt down to her and held her shoulder, and upon seeing him, she jumped into his arms.

Kendrick said that “its amazing it’s amazing to be home with them.”

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Mom Says Breast Cancer Diagnosis Saved Her From Another Silent Killer

Susanne Calabrette was devastated when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37. The mother feared losing her life before being able to raise her three young daughters.

I prayed that I could at least make it until my oldest was 18, so she could help her father with the kids,Susanne told CBS.

Determined to remain in her family’s lives, Susanne went with a radical mastectomy, an aggressive form of treatment. It was a success. Decades later, the mom would find that the breast cancer diagnosis unexpectedly saved her life.

While receiving treatment, Susanne discovered she had an inherited gene mutation, BRCA2, which put her at risks of other forms of cancer.

The presence of the mutation meant that doctors at UT Southwestern’s Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center would watch her closely for the rest of her life.

Decades later, Susanne began to show signs of the “silent killer,” or pancreatic cancer. Doctors can now giveSusanne better treatment. The mother and wife is tearfully looking forward to spending her 52nd anniversary with her husband.

The doctor said I won the pancreatic cancer lottery, because they found everything before it turned to cancer, she said.Im living a healthier lifestyle. They definitely live a healthier lifestyle and theyre vigilant in getting their checkups and watching for it, and knowing what theyre going to do if it does happen.

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Woman Bumps Into Stranger In Huge Cancer Survivor Photo, Realizes Shes Known Her For 17 Years

Faith Mauro-Huse and Claudia Kent would occasionally see each other in the hallway during work hours. Both of the women were colleagues, but their jobs weren’t the only thing they had in common.

Faith had been diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago and began her battle in stride. Claudia was in a similar situation, but both women never knew of one another’s fight.

The women chose to keep their medical woes private and dove into their workloads.

Both women attended the annual Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure Event, not knowing that the other was there. Both women were posing for a survivor photo and gathered next to their fellow champions in a powerful sea of pink.

Then, a little accidental bump opened their eyes forever.

In the video below, posted on February 10, 2017, Faith explains, “When I sat down, I knocked somebody behind me and when I turned to apologize and there was Claudia!”

Claudia says, “It was like fate, then she goes, ‘Claudia?’ and it was total shock.”

It is then that the colleagues learned that they have both been dealing with breast cancer alone, but still together. Now that they are aware of each other’s past, they have a bond that not all women can claim. It is a support system unlike any other.

Faith Mauro-Huse explains, “I feel like I joined a sorority I never wanted to join, but the women in it are absolutely incredible.”

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Doctors Say Hes Just Fat For 12 Years, Then They See His Massive Belly Is 130-Pound Tumor

As you might imagine, 57-year-old Roger Logan from Gulfport, Mississippi, was fed up. About 12 years ago, a mass began to develop on his stomach. When he went to doctors they insisted he was “just fat.”

For the next decade, the mass grew and grew. His life wasdestroyed in the process. Confined to a gray armchair, no longer able to run his business, his hobbies, or his life, Roger knew his doctors were wrong.

He was right. The mass turned out to be an infected ingrown hair that had swollen, developed its own blood supply, and become a benign tumor. The tumor weighed a whipping 130 pounds. But even after discovering what it really was, it was a battle to remove it.

Last year, two doctors believed they could remove it, but the operation fell through. Roger was so depressed he stopped eating for two weeks and had to be hospitalized for liver failure and dehydration.

His wife Kitty didn’tallow him to lose hope. By her husband’s side, she kept fighting for a solution.

She just kept pushing, Roger said. She wouldnt let me quit.

Finally they discovered Dr. Vipul Dev, an expert in the field. Kitty spent the next six months making insurance and transportation arrangements. Finally, with the help of his community, Roger was transported in an armchair inside a cargo van.

The surgery was a success. Roger looks forward to being able to walk, fish, andjust touch his feet together.

“I never want to see that armchair again,” he declared.

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Driver Hits The Brakes When She Sees A Black Mass On The Road, Then Realizes Its A Labrador

It’s unfortunate that, every once in a while, pets will get into accidents, often getting hit by cars. When this happens, we can only hope that a Good Samaritan will help the poor animal in some way before it’s too late.

It’s also unfortunate that many of these creatures may go unnoticed. But when Uber driver Michelle spotted a dog in the middle of the street, she didn’t hesitate to help.

The black labrador had clearly been hit, and appeared to be severely injured. Michelle sacrificed her entire day and her earnings to stay with the pup, named Jenna, at the veterinary clinic where she was being treated.

Jenna had several broken bones and other injuries. It was going to be a long, tough road to recovery. Although Michelle did her part to save the pup, she couldn’t foster her.

Luckily, a woman named Dawn Ladnyheard about the injured lab on her way out of radiation treatment for breast cancer. She knew she had to help Jenna, so she and her boyfriend took her in.

They even created a cart to make it easier for the pup to get around! Jenna recovered quickly, and in no time, she was running around again, thanks to her rescuers. Her next step? Finding her forever home!

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Doctors Tell Pregnant Mom With Terminal Cancer To Abort Baby, Then She Gives Birth Weeks Early

It’s not always easy for a woman to get pregnant, despite many common misconceptions. Many find themselves trying for months, even years, to procreate without success, until finally using methods like fertilization treatments, surrogacy, or adoption to make their dream of starting a family come true.

Amanda Meyer was one of these moms. She was stunned to find out, one day, that she had gotten pregnant after she and her husband had tried for three years. The two were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents.

Unfortunately, just weeks later, the pair got devastating news: Amanda was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, a terminal illness. It seemed likeher dreams of becoming a mother were totally crushed when doctors suggested she abort her unborn child.

But more than anything, the couple wanted to give their baby a chance to live. Throughout her pregnancy, Amanda went through the usual treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

She even underwent two surgeries, and her baby miraculously survived both.

Just a few a few weeks before her due date, Amanda gave birth to a baby girl. The child was healthy as can be, and doctors were able to confirm that she had not been affected by her mother’s treatment.

One year later, Amanda, her family, and newfound friends celebrated her daughter’s first birthday: it’s aspecial day for many reasons. Amanda, wanting more than anything to be a mother, is treasuring every moment she gets to spend with the baby she thought she would never have.

Photo source: Twitter /xuscanada

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Mom Adopts Dying Friends 6 Kids, But Doesnt See Surprise On Live TV Coming

Beth Laitkep was a single mother of six children. Once the mother knew that she was succumbing toa long battle with breast cancer, she knew she had to figure out what would happen to her kids that ranged in ages from 2 to 15.

Laitkep asked her best friend, Stephanie Culley, who already had three of her own children with her husband Donnie, to take in her precious babies.

Stephanie didn’t hesitate. Her family grew from 5 to 11 in a single instant.

“Me, being a mother, I could not imagine having to ask somebody that question, Stephanie told Rachel Ray. She chose me because we were very similar in our parenting styles, and she knew that I loved her kids and that my kids loved her kids.

Caring for a family of 11 put a huge financial strain on the family and Culleys wondered how they would ever send their kids to school. That’s when Rachel Ray decided to surprise.

The TV host left the entire family shocked with a cash prize of $90,000. Everyone was in tears.

Were grieving, but we know shes with us Im not a saint. Im not an angel. Im not a hero. I just love these kids. To walk in the door and see all of them in the living room, dancing and playing and happy, thats what its all about,” Stephanie said.

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Shannen Doherty Shares Heartbreaking Photos To Show Her Battle With Breast Cancer

Fighting cancer is no easy battle. Now matter how good a patient’s chances are, the road to recovery and remission goes uphill, and he or she needs support along the way. Cancer does not discriminate between men or women, or celebrities and non-celebrities.

Actress Shannen Doherty, who wasdiagnosed with breast cancer,revealed earlier this year that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. She would need chemotherapy and radiation to treat it.

She hasn’t stayed silent about her battle, and wants to be clear that cancer has many faces, and that they are not all pretty. As part of a world and society where a standard of beauty is expected to be adhered to, Shannen doesn’t want to give a false impression of what fighting cancer really looks like.

She has shared new, intimate photos of her chemotherapy sessions on social media, and detailing her experience for her followers and fans.

The 45-year-old hasreceived an outpouring of support since her announcement, especially with these photos…

Shannen Doherty hasn’t been afraid to reveal to the public what the many faces of a cancer patient look like.

Her Instagram pagereveals shocking images of the actress in various stages throughout the uphill battle, as her cancer has now spread to her lymph nodes.

She wants everyone to know that, while she may be smiling in many photos, in others, she isn’t afraid to show her pain. Her honesty has been both refreshing and heartbreaking.

Hernewest photos offer a peek into what chemotherapy looks like.

But through it all, she has received support from all of her loved ones, including her loving husband, who hasn’t missed a chance to be by her side.

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7 Years After 2-Year-Old Dies From Cancer, Mom Fights In His Memory

Residents of Tulsa, OK, and several other cities across the country likely noticed beautiful gold balloons dotting their skies on the first day of September.

Aside from being a whimsical sight to see, the serene display honors those young children whowere dealt the heartbreaking blow of a cancer diagnosis. Septemberis recognized each year as Child Cancer Awareness month, so what better way to get attention to their cause than with a breathtaking view?

One of the local organizers, Brandi Phillips, unfortunately knows just how painful it is for a family to lose their child far too early in life after the passing of her two-year-old son, Pierce, in 2009.

Since then, she and her husband have continued to promote awareness and raise thousands of dollars in funds for research and treatment to keep any other parent from having to feel the agony they endured. She tells Oklahoma’s News On 6, “We want to keep his memory alive and honor the kids that are still fighting, and the kids that yet to be diagnosed.”

The shimmery shade of the balloons were chosen to represent the color of childhood cancer ribbons, much like how pink is used for breast cancer survivors and fighters

It’s impossible to imagine the level of sadness every family dealing with this cruel sickness living inside their little ones and feeling helpless to stop it on their own, which is exactly why organizations like this areso amazing.

Take a look below to see the bittersweet moment.

And don’t forget to SHARE the video to continue spreading awareness!

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Mom With Breast Cancer Experiences A Miracle After Doctors Tell Her To Abort Her New Baby

When a couple wants to add to their family and finally learn that they are pregnant, there is no joy that can compare to theirs. Like any parent, they start making the many preparations necessary to welcome the new baby.

Young mom Tess and her husband already had a daughter, but were looking forward to giving her a sibling. When she found out that she was pregnant they were simply overjoyed.

But eight weeks into the pregnancy, Tess’ doctor found a lump in her breast. Further tests revealed the unthinkable: She had a very aggressive form of breast cancer.

Doctors tried their best to help the worried mom recover: She underwent chemotherapy and other treatments to prevent the spread of the disease.

Then surgeons suggested that she abort her baby, a girl.

But that wasn’t an option for Tess and her family. She didn’t think she would survive her cancer, but she was willing to put her life on the line for the chance to give life to her daughter.

With the help of doctors and specialists, Tess continued treatments, and, at 39 weeks, gave birth.

Her daughter Grace is now a beautiful and healthy 3-month-oldbaby girl!

The mom continues to struggle with her battle, but her children and the prospect of a future by their side allows her to keep fighting for her life.

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