Men Look Like Father And Son, But One Confesses They Only Just Met

When you think of best friends, do you ever think of two people with 45 years in between them? Most likely not, but this video you’re about to watch might change your outlook completelyin a beautiful way.

When91-year old Buddy Harris and 46-year old Andy Hite met, it was not under the best of circumstances.

The two of themwere going through radiation treatment for their cancer,and they were both definitely not in the best of spirits. But, when they met, something clicked.

They just hit it off, telling stories and jokes, and eventually, they became great friends and support for each other.

Both of them are married with kids, but clearly at very different stages of their lives, and treatment is very painful and hard. So, Andy wondered why Buddy was going through it all at such a late stage of his life.

And then he saw him with his wife of 60 years, Doloresthat’s when it all made sense, and that’s when most of us will feel the same tears well up in our eyes as they did in Andy’s.

Sometimes, best friends are absolutely nothing like us, and sometimes they’re the only things that keep us going.

Buddy and Andy may not be in the best of health, but they’ve got a whole lot of love surrounding themand there’s nothing more important than that.

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Grandma Dies Of Cancer. Now Teen Looks Completely Different After Shaving Head In Her Memory

Brave The Shave is an organization with a very specific, very positive mission in mind: to provide solidarity and awareness to all the brave men, women, and children who have had to deal with hair loss due to cancer.

The way it works is simple, as shown in their mission statement: sign up, pick a date, ask friends and family to sponsor you, and then go through with the shave!

The money raised is donated to help fund the Macmillan Cancer Support in the U.K.

This mission reached the ears of Sian Louise Ferneyhough, a young woman whose life has been impacted by the perils of cancer.

On March 1, 2016, Sian’s grandma passed away from liver, lung, and breast cancer at the age of 69.

Sian credits her grandma, her “Nan,” as being one of the biggest parts and inspirations in her life.

I use to go over there [her grandma’s house] and help her make cards and jam, she use to be my brown owl at brownies teaching me loads of new things like how to become a good person and how to treat others how I want to be treated.”

She even helped Sian learn her first word: flower.

In the video below, Sian bravely shaves her full head of hair for the cause, and to honor the memory of her late grandma.

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31-Year-Old Feels A Bump Near Her Collarbone, But Her Doctor Tells Her Not To Worry

Raven Quinn claims her rock star career started at 3years old, when she found her passion for singing and songwriting. From that age on, she pursued a career and succeeded.

She became a part of arock band network at 17 years old, a huge feat because of her age and the fact that she’s a woman. But, clearly, her talent surpassed expectations.

When she was just 31 years old, she scratched her collarbone and found a bump.

She went to the doctor, whosaid not to worry too much because she had no family history of cancer or anything serious. However, that didn’t matter.

Raven was diagnosed with breast cancer,and her doctor at the time was very insensitive to her situation. So instead of letting him create a pessimist out of her, she found a silver lining.

She left the negative doctor behind and found help elsewhere. The people and doctors at Breast Link were all there under one roof to help her through her journey to becoming a survivor, and now that she’s doing so well, she’s back in music and doing something great with her albums.

She’s donating 50percent of the proceeds of her albumThe Acoustic EPto Breast Link to raise awareness about their great services and help others find the compassion and care that she did.

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She Invites Everyone To Party, Then Shocks Guests With X-Rated Cake About Her Health

Andy Sealy invited all of her closest friends and family to a party before her life-saving surgery. She wanted to have a proper sendoff for a part of herself she was about to lose: her breasts.

The Philadelphia bartender discovered a lump when she was doing a breast self-exam; she noticed another one soon after. Andy had breast implants about a decade ago, and thought maybe they were giving her trouble.

She went in for a mammogram and ultrasound, where it was discovered that she had three tumors. Doctors concluded that two of the tumors were malignant.

He said, ‘You have breast cancer,’ and I said, ‘Say it one more time.’ Then I said, ‘All right. Cool. What’s next?’ she told

Andy decided to have a double mastectomy to remove both of her breasts. She may also require chemotherapy or hormone therapy afterwards.

Before the double mastectomy, Andy invited 200 of her loved ones to a party where she urged them all to get screened.

But perhaps the most shocking part of the party was her celebratory cake. The sheet cake featured two giant breasts and a message that read, “Thanks for the mammories.”

I wanted to do something for people Im close to, so they could say goodbye and feel my tumor, Andy said. “I was telling people, ‘Want to feel my tumor? Feel my tumor. That’s cancer. That’s what it feels like. I want you to feel yourself.’”

Andy says she isn’t sad. Rather, she wanted to bring a little joy and awareness to the grim condition with the X-rated cake and party. She believes if you can turn breast cancer into a party, then world peace must be around the corner.

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Mom Totally Loses It When She Sees All 3 Of Her Children Together For The First Time In 15 Years

As heartbreaking as it can be, it’s natural for families to grow and move away from each other as the years go by. That’s exactly what makes incredible moments like the siblings reuniting in the video below so emotional!

After their mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent mastectomy surgery, the trio of siblings from Newfoundland, Canada, knew they had to give their mom something extra special to smile about all three of them under the same roof for the first time in 15 years.

They spent three weeks planning the beautiful surprise and were thrilled to see just how well they hid it from their mom when she laid eyes on one daughter who hadn’t been home in three years.

Of course, it’s an amazing moment for the brother and sisters, too,finally able to spend time together after so many years scattered apart.

It definitely made me feel like giving both my mom and my brother a call later tonight! And maybe even plan a surprise of my own for them the next time I’m able to travel back home.

But perhaps the best part of watching these siblings reunite is the priceless way their mom admits just how much the shock affected her physically. No, not the fact that the brother has to remind his sister to give her gentle hugs after the surgery, but that she suddenly felt the need to run to the bathroom!

Take a look at the heartwarming and hilarious moment for yourself below.

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Sister Agrees To Be Her Surrogate, Then Mom Says She Wants Two Babies Not One

Maggie Paxton and Morgan Williams are sisters. Born only 15 months apart, they are extremely close. About two years ago, Morgan noticed Maggie’s breasts were irregular.

The sister pushed Maggie to see a doctor and she was soon diagnosed with ductal carcinoma, a form of breast cancer. Maggie needed chemotherapy immediately to treat the condition.

The news came when she had been trying to conceive for months. Maggie knew for sure she wouldn’t be able to carry her own children.

I didnt know what chemo was like. I didnt know what cancer was like. But I knew that I wanted to be a mom. And in that moment, I thought Im not going to be,Maggie told CBS.

Her form of cancer was hormone related, thus getting pregnant meant increasing the risk of progressing the cancer. Maggie settled on a surrogate or adopting.

Morgan instantly volunteered to carry her sister’s baby.

I couldnt protect her from the cancer. So if I could do this this way, then that was my way of, I guess, protecting her, Morgansaid.

Maggie revealed to Morgan that she wanted to have more than one baby for a very special reason.

I wanted my children to have a sibling. And I tell people,look at what my sibling has done for me, Maggie said.

When she went into remission, two embryos were implanted into Morgan. Stunningly, she became pregnant with twin sisters.

I just kept telling her: I love you and thank you for doing this. What do you say? Maggie said. I mean knowing that theyre mine. I feel like its a miracle.”

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Wifes Husband Shaves Her Head After Chemo Treatment, 18 Months Later Shes Transformed On TV

Blanca, a nurse practitioner, would help detect other people’s breast cancer, but never imagined she’d one day be in their shoes, too.

About a year and a half ago, Blanca found a lump on her breast. As every woman knows, this is a terrifying thing to find, and an even more terrifying diagnosis if the lump is cancerous.

Unfortunately for Blanca, it was cancerous and it had already spread much further than anyone would have hoped even into her lymph nodes. She immediately started chemotherapy treatment and did all she could to ensure she would beat this horrific disease.

Within her first two treatments, though, her hair started to fall out. In a moment of true strength and love, her husband decided to help her shave her head the day of her second treatment.

Fighting for her life and trying to keep strength, she lost her hair and then had a double mastectomy and radiation too. Nevertheless, she did not let the difficult health journey she was embarking on get her down.

She kept her strength for her children and her husband, and she has proven to be an inspiration to many through this beautiful showing of strength.

She’s going through radiation still, but she says she feels great. The Doctorsdecided to not only showcase her inspirational spirit but her beauty too, in an all new long-haired glamorous makeover.

Now, she feels and looks beautiful from the inside out! Just wait until you see how perfectly they matched her new hair!

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Mom Of Young Daughter Says She Wants Breast Reduction Surgery, Then Doctor Finds 3 Tumors

Emily Chandler-Westergreen was living her daily life, raising her 5-year-old daughter and running her online business, when she decided to finally get the breast reduction surgery she wanted.

The 36-year-old mom found a surgeon, who told her to get a baseline mammogram. She didn’t think twice about the routine mammogram, but when she went in, doctors found something serious.

Emily had three tumors in her breasts. Out of the blue, Emily was facing Stage 2 breast cancer. If she hadn’t scheduled her surgery, Emily wouldn’t have found out about her tumors for four years at age 40, when women normally get their first baseline mammogram.

She was totally shocked, but decided to face her cancer head-on. She visited multiple hospitals and met with many doctors to find the best treatment.

The first thing Emily hadto face waschemotherapy. She immediately freaked out about losing her hair, but thenshe thought about it more.

“It’s just hair, it’s not worth it,” she said. “I have a lot of battles I’ll be fighting this year, and the battle for hair is not going to be one of them.”

So on January 1, 2017, Emily threw a party. She wanted to kick off the new year with a new do and show her daughter that it’s better to face your fears than run from them. She wanted her daughter to see her taking on cancer on her own terms, not lettingcancer take over her life.

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Overweight Woman Loses 200 Pounds, Then Rachael Ray Makes A Joke About Her Arms

Whenever someone changes their life, gets healthy and loses the weight they aimed to in a healthy way, there’s nothing but positivity surrounding them.

Because, when someone changes their life to get healthy and happy and feel good about their appearance too, if they succeed it’ll be good for everyone around them.

A healthy life changes more than just your appearance, your attitude will become better too!

So, if you lose weight, you might think that you’ll automatically feel great. But, it isn’t always that easy.

Not only because it’s such a huge adjustment, in lifestyle and in the mirror,but because it’s a change in the way we now have to shop too! Which is every girl’s real therapy anyway, right?

For Anita, that’s exactly the problem she was faced with after her 200-pound weight loss. So, Rachael Ray and her team of experts decided to help her find her style with this new fabulous and fit body that she worked for.

But, her new style is not the most shocking part. Her weight loss has left her looking like a completely new person! And her smile shows the joy that this healthy life has brought her too.

I think she looks beautiful, and now in her new outfit, she can feel it too!

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Judge Says Singer Is Just A Big, Handsome Cowboy, Then He Shows Hes More Than Looks

Just like his namesake, John Wayne Schulz looks like the epitome of a cowboy. Wearing a cowboy hat and a charmingly broad smile, the tall, handsome Southerner walks out onto the audition floor in the clip below holding a guitar. But behind that smile lies a sad tale reflected in his song choice.

He greets the judges with a lazy drawl, and immediately is met with a compliment from Harry Connick Jr. “You’re just a big, handsome cowboy.”

Smiling shyly, Schulz uttersa bashful “Thank you” before introducing himself. Jennifer Lopez leans casually to her left, pointing toward him as she asks him if he’s auditioned before. The former contestant confirmed that he had indeed been up on that stage during season 10 of American Idol.

“Why’d you wait so long to come back?” Harry asks.

Schulz explains thathe was bumped off when it got down to him and Scotty McCreery. But the saying everything happens for a reason couldnt ring more true in Schulz’s case. “At the time I was sad, but at the same time I was very grateful to be sent home because my mother’s cancer had just come back,” he says.

When his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, her only request was for her son to try out for American Idol. She ended up passing away just after the show ended, but he was able to spend those final months with her. Schulz eventually decided to return forthe final season of the show.

“I’m definitely back with a fire inside of me to do the very best that I can,” he says in the clip. “I feel like this is a great way to honor my mother’s memory.” After explaining his story, he begins a heartfelt version of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”As the camera pans over each judges’ face, an expression of understanding and emotionmingles takes hold of them.

The final words fall smoothly from his lips: Our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but Id’a have to miss the dance.

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