Cancer-Stricken TV Host Forced To Remove Wig By TSA During Horrific LAX Pat-Down!

This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

Every once in a while, a story pops up about Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers harassing travelers with

The reason for the search was a medical cream Denise packed in her carry-on that the host carries as part of her cancer treatment! The shaken woman was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2015 and began chemo in February that year after having a lumpectomy.

As if

As for how the TSA is handling their AWFUL workers… they told Pix11 later in the week:

“The Transportation Security Administration takes reports of alleged impropriety very seriously. TSA is currently looking into the specific details as to what occurred during the screening process to ensure our security protocols were followed. We regret any distress the security screening process may have caused the passenger. We will work with the passenger directly to address her concerns.”

Well they better pucker up… because from the sound of it, the TSA has A LOT of ass-kissing to do!

Ch-ch-check out the video to see how Denise’s pat-down went down (below)!!!

Get well soon, Denise!

[Image via YouTube.]

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F*ck Cancer Gently With A Chainsaw! Shannen Doherty Officially Signs On For The Heathers Reboot!


We’ve been keeping our eyes on TV Land‘s upcoming Heathers reboot ever since the announcement was made earlier this year.

After finding out that the “Heathers” this time around would actually be the outcasts of the school — a black lesbian, a gender queer redhead, and their large-and-in-charge leader — we weren’t quite sure how this reimagining would work.

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But now our faith in the project is restored, because Shannen Doherty (the OG Heather Duke) revealed she will have a role in the upcoming dark comedy reboot!

On Tuesday, the actress took to Instagram to make the announcement — complete with a very caption:

Sneak peek from the #Heathers set….. jealous much? @tvlandA photo posted by ShannenDoherty (@theshando) on Nov 22, 2016 at 10:01am PST


Doherty’s role is being kept under wraps for now, with TV Land only confirming she will play a “pivotal, unnamed character.”

Not only does this bring new life into the reboot, but it’s also is a great sign that the 45-year-old’s health is looking up amid her ongoing battle with breast cancer.

Who do YOU think Doherty will be playing in the Heathers reboot?

[Image via 20th Century Fox.]

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Shannen Doherty Shares An Intimate Look At Her Breast Cancer Battle Ahead Of Radiation Treatments Watch

In case you don’t remember, the 45-year-old underwent a single mastectomy back in May, and has an expander in her chest (for a breast implant) which needs to be widened before her upcoming treatments.

Shannen explained in her update:

“Because I’m starting radiation soon, he has to over-expand memake sort of this placeholder, if you will, larger because radiation shrinks it.”

She is such a fighter, just like her former Beverly Hills, 90210 costars said!

Watch her explain it all in the clip (below):

Keep fighting, Shannen! You got this!

[Image via Michael Boardman/WENN.]

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Here’s How Michael Bubl & Luisana Lopilato Are Dealing With Their 3-Year-Old’s Heart-Wrenching Cancer Diagnosis

We can’t imagine what Michael Bubl and Luisana Lopilato must be going through right now.

As we previously reported, their three-year-old son, Noah (pictured above, right), has been diagnosed with with cancer. The devastating diagnosis has certainly shaken the singer and the model, but they aren’t losing faith.

Video: Shannen Doherty Almost Makes Chelsea Handler Cry Talking About Her Cancer Battle

A source tells Us Weekly that the precious pair believes their toddler is a “fighter,” saying:

“They are really sad but hopeful. They immediately got him very good care and they are hoping and praying for the best. They are getting him the best doctors around. It’s really heartbreaking. This was a real shock, but they are doing everything they can.”

After receiving the heart-wrenching news, the 41-year-old and his wife have announced that they are putting their careers on hold to devote all their time and energy to their sick son.

Another insider explained to the mag that the parents have been “inundated with kind wishes today, and that’s really helping.” The confidante confessed:

“They’re staying positive and Noah is a fighter.”

Our hearts are breaking for this famous family, and we’re thinking of little Noah during this difficult time.

[Image via Michael Bubl/Instagram.]

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Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Opens Up About Her Battle With Body Dysmorphia Disorder On The Doctors Watch!

Chloe Lattanzi has battled body dysmorphia most of her life, and now she’s opening up about it.

On Wednesday, the singer — who is also Olivia Newton-John‘s daughter — stopped by The Doctors to bring awareness to the disorder and talk about the hardships she faced being so incredibly critical of her own looks ALL the time.

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Not only did Lattanzi admit that at the height of her battle with the disorder she had “a whole bunch of fillers”, but the 30-year-old dished that she had them all removed because she finally likes the way she naturally looks. YAAAS!

Though the Grease star’s daughter has a healthier outlook now, she is DEFINITELY aware of social media’s negative impact people’s perceptions of themselves, saying:

“I think so many young girls are going through body dysmorphia we’re constantly told how we’re supposed to look via Instagram and filters.”

Ch-ch-check out Chloe’s revealing interview as she talks about her disorder (below) and why she’s in a happier place now!

[Image via The Doctors/YouTube.]

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Shannen Doherty Documents Another Round Of Chemotherapy While Showing Love To Her ‘Great Team’ Plus Alyssa Milano’s Message To Her Former Costar!

Shannen Doherty

is surrounded by love as she continues fighting breast cancer.

On Wednesday, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to document her experience with yet another gut-wrenching round of chemotherapy by sharing a video of herself receiving an injection from her nurse.

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In the caption, the actress expressed her immense gratitude to her “great team” for their continued support:

She is so strong.

On Tuesday, Shannen’s former Charmed costar Alyssa Milano once again expressed her support for the Tennessee native, who she’s had a fair share of differences with in the past.

The 43-year-old told ET:

“I’ve reached out to her, yes, and I try to continue to reach out to her once a week. I tweeted, I [direct messaged] her and I obviously told her my concern and how everyone was on her side, and we’re all supporting her, and she was very appreciative that I reached out, which was very sweet.”

Adding of the shocking diagnosis:

“It’s such a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible illness, so to see anyone struggle like that in such a public way is heartwarming and gut-wrenching all at the same time.”

Very true.

Sending light and love to Shannen!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Shannen Doherty Stands Up To Cancer With Touching Message About Celeb-Filled Telethon!

Such a meaningful night!!

Shannen Doherty took part in Friday night’s fifth annual Stand Up To Cancer telethon at the Music Center‘s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and shared a very touching, poignant message about her battle with breast cancer.

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The star was part of a series of actors, performers, and other celebs who were all smiles at the feel-good event, and afterwards, Shannen shared a very touching message on Instagram (below):

“This night meant so much to so many people including myself. I’m forever humbled by the stories I heard tonight and the people I met. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and crew that made this event happen. Thank you to everybody at @su2c who are so dedicated in trying to find a cure and give people with cancer better alternatives. I feel blessed to be a part of the cancer family tonight and to of witnessed such love. #su2c”

Sounds like an amazing, awe-inspiring evening for a GREAT cause!

She also posted a photo of her time there last night, too:

A photo posted by ShannenDoherty (@theshando) on Sep 9, 2016 at 10:27pm PDT

Her battle with cancer has been so valiant and inspiring!

Here’s to Shannen and everyone else bravely fighting cancer — and a shoutout to those celebs last night for raising money and awareness at the telethon, too!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Shannen Doherty Shares The Heart-Wrenching Photos From Her First Day Of Chemotherapy

Shannen Doherty is doing such important work by documenting her cancer journey.

On Tuesday, Ms. Doherty shared some heart-wrenching snaps from a round of chemotherapy which took place on August 10. Luckily for the actress, her devoted husband Kurt Iswarienko was by her side throughout the entire ordeal.

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The beauty’s emotional photos comes on the heels of news that the breast cancer has spread to her lymph-nodes. Obviously, it’s a very difficult time for the Beverly Hills 90210 star.

The 45-year-old captioned the intense shot (above):

“There are many faces to cancer. This is one of them. Chemo Day With @kurtiswarienko by my side. August 10, 2016.”

Wow. Shannen is SO brave for exposing her vulnerabilities like this.

Take a look at another pic from S.D.’s chemotherapy session (below):

Well, we’re glad Doherty has a wonderful nurse and spouse by her side. We have no doubt the celeb will continue to handle this trying time with strength and grace.

Our thoughts are with you, girl!

[Image via Instagram.]

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American Idol Alum Jax Reveals She Was Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer & Hashimoto’s Disease

Jax captured America’s attention on season 14 of

The FOX alum explained to NJ 101.5 that she hadn’t been feeling too great back in April, when she was slated to do a show at New York’s Webster Hall, saying:

“I was going through a lot, traveling a lot, living out of a suitcase. But I was waking up tired a lot, losing my voice and just kind of depressed and in a really dark place. My parents knew something was up because if wasn’t normal.”

The 20-year-old said in the spring, she felt a lump on her throat while grocery shopping with her parents. However, the New Jersey native didn’t think much of it, admitting:

“But I’m like a bro when it comes to going to the the doctor, and I let it go.”

But, the songstress’ parents begged her to get it checked out, so the gorgeous gal went to urgent care. After the facility gave her an ultrasound and ran some tests, the musician was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, in which the immune system attacks the thyroid.

Sadly, that wasn’t all. Doctors also found 18 tumors on her thyroid. So, specialists decided to biopsy them to determine whether they were benign or malignant.

A few days after performing at Webster Hall, Jax got the results of her biopsies, and learned that 12 of those 18 tumors were cancerous.

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After the scary discovery, the artist had her entire thyroid removed, and is currently undergoing radiation. She says the medical professionals remain hopeful after the procedure, saying:

“All the doctors are really optimistic for a full recovery.”

Now, Jax has a new appreciation for the gland, explaining:

“People don’t realize how important the thyroid is. It’s more important than the actual brain. It was messing me up emotionally putting me in a strange place.”

And while she feels better now, the Idol third-place finalist isn’t entirely back to normal, admitting to the radio station:

“I feel really good. I don’t feel 100% right now, to be honest, but I know I’ll get there because I’m talking or singing or writing.”

Plus, she actually lost friends over the scary situation:

“A lot of people got really freaked out and just stopped talking to me.”

But the lovely lady doesn’t hold it against anyone who cut her out, and took to Facebook to continue to share her story in a lengthy post.

She uploaded this image (above) and detailed the difficult journey to her fans and followers, apologizing for not sharing the news sooner:

“I didn’t want to publicize what I was going through, but my team and family insisted that it was something I should share with the people that have stuck by me all this time. I know I have been totally MIA for a few months and I do owe you guys an explanation. You have been with me through thick and thin.”

The reality show alum also added that she now realizes she’s not invincible:

“When you’re 20 years old, you have this Superman entitlement mentality. Like you’re indestructible…And sometimes all it takes is God telling you it’s time to take a break for you to understand that you are most certainly not.”

You can check out her full post (below):

We’re wishing Jax all the best during this tough time.

[Image via Jax/Facebook.]

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Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Gets Major Heat For #AllLivesMatter Tweets After Police Brutality!

Prince Jackson isn’t getting the point just yet.

Michael Jackson‘s son felt the wrath of Twitter after using the hashtag #AllLivesMatter to argue that people shouldn’t only focus on protecting one race.

While the 19-year-old’s tweets were an outcry to stop the “hate and racist crimes happening everywhere to all people,” the fact that his comments were a reaction to two black men being fatally shot by police within a day of each other didn’t sit so well with the internet.

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The teen’s rant started out with an inspirational reference to his father, but went downhill with the concluding hashtag.

On Thursday, he shared:

Sure, his heart’s in the right place. But as critics pointed out, the teen failed to recognize that the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is all too commonly used to devalue the Black Lives Matter movement.

In his defense, Jackson tried to clarify his use of the hashtag:

It’s obvious Prince is sympathetic to what happened and trying to preach equality for all races. We’ll give him that.

Even so, many people found Jackson’s hashtag use not only misguided, but taking the conversation away from the tragic deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

What do YOU think about the controversy? See what people had to say in hopes of educating MJ’s son (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]

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