Mom Is Recovering From Breast Cancer, Then Husband Of 26 Years Falls To One Knee And Re-Proposes

In 1990, Iowa couple Lora and Jim Koch tied the knot. They had two daughters and lived a happy family life.

Recently, though, Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors told her she had breast cancer in February, 2017, and had surgery later in the month to remove the cancer.

Now Lora is recovering well, but she just had another huge surprise when her husband of 26 years once again got down on one knee.

Christin Koch, their daughter, explained toCosmopolitan, “My mom’s old wedding ring had just been too small for a while so she knew she would get a new one at some point, but she didn’t know when.”

After Lora had her surgery, Jim took Christin to the jewelry store with him. Jim told her they were there to pick up the ring for Lora, which Christin describes in the following way: “it was so beautiful and even more special because it features the diamonds from her original wedding ring.”

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When Jim and Lora Koch got married back in 1990, they made vows that they would always be there for each other, “in sickness and in health.”

Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2017, and Jim knew it was time to prove he truly meant it when he said his vows.


Instead of just being there for his wife, though, he decided to go above and beyond.

Since her original wedding ring was too small, Jim brought it to a jeweler to rework the diamonds into a new ring.

He and his daughter Christin went to pick it up, and when they got home, Jim re-proposed to his wife.


When Christin saw her dad get down on one knee next to her mom, she knew exactly what to do: she pulled out her camera.

She snapped a few shots of her parents and posted them on Twitter.


During the proposal, Jim told his wife that he loved her no matter what.

He wanted her to truly know that he would love her in sickness and in health and always be there for her.

Lora was totally overwhelmed by Jim’s proposal and completely broke down when he showed her the ring.


If you’re not already crying, this will get you.

Christin toldCosmopolitan, “After he gave her the right and had left the room my mom had told me, ‘This is what true love really is, even when I look like this he still loves me. As unattractive as I feel right now I can’t believe I deserve something so beautiful.’”


People everywhere are inspired by Jim and Lora’s love for one another. What do you think of their incredible marriage?

If you love stories about true love,

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Baby Screams When Mom Breastfeeds Him With Right Breast, Then Doctors Find Cancer

Breastfeeding can create a wonderful bond between a baby and mother it’s often a wonderful experience for both mom and baby.

Unfortunately, many moms aren’t able to breastfeed, for a variety of reasons. It can be absolutely heartbreaking if a baby won’t breastfeed.

For one mom in the U.K., her baby’s refusal to breastfeedmay have saved her life.

Sarah Boyle, 26 years old, Sarahwas thrilled when she gave birth to her son, Teddy. She was excited to start breastfeeding him, which went well for sixmonths, but then Teddy suddenly stopped drinking from her right breast.

When Sarah offered Teddy her left breast, he would drink from it no problem. When Sarah turned Teddy around to feed from her right breast, however, he would scream and cry.

Sarah and her husband, 28-year-old Steven, were concerned that something was wrong with Sarah or Teddy, so a few months after Teddy started refusing her breast, Sarahwent to her general practitioner.

The doctor recommended she go to the hospital for scans and a biopsy, and two weeks later Sarah got stunning news.

[H/T Daily Mail]


When Sarah Boyle gave birth to her son, Teddy, she immediately began breastfeeding him.

She realized that something was wrong six months later when Teddy refused to drink from her right breast, getting distressed when Sarah offered it to him.


A few months after Teddy stopped feeding from her right breast, Sarah went to the doctor to see if something was wrong, and they sent her to the hospital for a biopsy and scans.

Two weeks later, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now Sarah is receiving chemotherapy, and she is preparing to have a double mastectomy.


Sarah told Daily Mail, “Teddy is my hero if it hadnt been for him I would never have suspected I had cancer. My consultant told me breastfeeding helps a mother and baby bond. In my case it did more than that it saved my life.”


Five months after giving birth, Sarah noticed something was different between her breasts, but her doctors told her there was nothing to worry about.

Just a month later, Teddy started refusing Sarah’s right breast.


When Teddy was 8 months old, Sarah went back to her doctors and asked them to refer her for a scan.

“I felt as if Teddy was trying to tell me something. It was what you might call a mothers instinct,” Sarahexplained.


“I felt so proud of Teddy for bringing the problem to my attention,” Sarah said. “The cancer inside the cyst had been growing for three months the exact same time Teddy stopped feeding from my breast.”

Sarah is extremely lucky that she breastfed her son, otherwise she may nothave discovered the cancer until it was too late.

If you’re stunned by this baby’s astounding discovery,

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Woman Sees Characters On TV Checking Their Breasts And Decides To Try It. Then She Finds A Lump

When we fall ill, our bodies don’t always send us the signs that tell us that we need to get checked out by a medical professional. Sometimes we have to look for these symptoms ourselves, especially when it comes down to more serious illnesses, like cancer.

It was by chance that a woman named Orla Maguire, from Ireland, discovered a lump in her right breast. She was watching a television show called The Only Way is Essex when the special aired an episode around breast cancer awareness. The female characters were checking themselves for the disease, which reminded Orla, who had just turned 30, that she should do the same.

Right before bed, she felt the lump, and it wasn’t long before she went to the doctor to get it checked. Luckily, she had caught her cancer in timeand is expected to do just fine after treatment!

Now, Orla is documenting her treatments on Facebook and is sharing her story to encourage all women, no matter what age, to regularly check their breasts for signs of breast cancer.


An Irish woman name Orla Maguire was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after her 30th birthday.

She discovered the lump just before going to bed after watching a television program.

On the show The Only Way is Essex, the female characters were checking themselves for breast cancer.

It was when she decided to do the same that she found the lump in her right breast.


Luckily, Orla is expected to be just fine after treatments!


All women of any age are encouraged to check their bodies for signs and symptoms. Early detection increases one’s chances of survival!

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47-Year-Old Mom Finds A Lump In Her Breast Then She Poses For A Sexy Photo

These days, it’s pretty common to call upa photography studio and request special “boudoir photos.”

Boudoir photos are intimate, “sexy” pictures that are usually commissioned as a special gift for a husband or lover. They’re never explicit, but are meant to flatter a woman’s curves in an alluring and artistic way. Sometimes, the model will pose in pretty lingerie picked out to make her feel extra gorgeous.

Alicia Atkins, who runs the photo studio Alicia Samone Photography, knows all about what goes into making a beautiful boudoir photo. Boudoir photo shoots areher specialty, which is why she wasn’t too surprised to get a call asking about a portrait job.

But this was no ordinary client.

Alicia told LittleThings: “[She was]having a double mastectomy and she wanted boudoir photos… I offered to do the session for free.” She added: “When she walked through the door to her session, I knew instantly I had met someone who would change my life.”

Alicia’s client had wrinkles and surgical scars. Her breasts had been through a lot as a mother and as a cancer patient. She immediately insisted there be no retouching, no Photoshop. She wanted every beautiful flaw on camera.


Alicia Atkins first shared this remarkable boudoir photo shoot on her own Facebook page, Alicia Samone Photography.

Itwas quickly picked up all over the web, and ended up on Love What Matters. Tens of thousands of people reacted to the images, and thousands added their own comments.

The response was just incredible.


Most people were responding to the raw, emotional images. They also had words of support for the unnamed woman behind the pictures.

She had bravely stripped down, revealing what she calls her “mess of a body.” She just wanted to show the world thatevery body is beautiful, especially the ones that have been through a lot.

Alicia added to the story with her own experience of capturing the boudoir photos. Alicia’s words reveal just how much her model had really gone through. She wrote:

Today walked in one of the most amazing women Ive ever met in my life. I’m not exaggerating.She was captivating. I could have listened to her all day.


She said, “Most women would look at my body and say UGH. But I look at my body and say I worked REALLY hard for this mess of a body.”

She ismarried.They have a daughter.Her husband had cancer 7 years ago. She cared for him. Took care of him. And was there for him. He overcame this.

Soon after, his father passed away from cancer.She had weight loss surgery.In June of 2016 she found a lump.


She has gone through chemo, as she said with a huge smile, Like a champ!She has lost about 140 pounds!

They tested her and decided that she would need a double mastectomyThis is happening in 2 weeks.


I mean this when I say she is SO positive. So enlightening. Empowering. And every definition of the words. Her smile was captivating. Her stories were strengthening. He love was overwhelming.

Her eyes were piercing.

She said her husband loves every part of her. Supports her. They have cared for each other through each having cancer. Never left behind, never not there. Always a backbone, to each other, in the most difficult time. The way she spoke about him was poetry.


She wanted these photos to be unedited. She wants to remember what she worked really hard to get to before she gets new breasts and starts a new journey.

Can you imagine?

This woman This beautiful perfect woman The one that has gone through cancer with family, birth, weight loss, loose skin, trauma, surgeries, cancer, chemo…

Doing what I ask of every woman out there! Loving a body that some people wouldnt even look at themselves in the mirror if they had. Wouldnt dare let someone touch them, or look at them.



She is LOVING her body.

The body that got her to 47.

The body she took care of her husband with.

The body that birthed the love of her life, her daughter.

The body that let her survive.


Next time you think your stretch marks are ugly, your scar is too big, you belly is too big, or too small, please take a long look at this woman. If you can have a pin-sized amount of her strength and power you would walk through the streets naked.

Believe in yourself. Fight your worst enemy. Win. Love YOU.

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This Photo Of 12 Lemons In An Egg Carton Can Help Save Womens Breasts

One in eight American women will develop invasive breast cancer in her life, according to

That’s a startling statistic, and it’s part of the reason that so many women are trained early on in how to do self exams of their breasts.

There’s just one problem: we all know how to sweep our breasts to check for lumps, but, until you actual have a tumor or lump, you don’t really know what you’re feeling for.

Enter a genius new awareness campaign called Know Your Lemons.

The centerpiece is a photo of 12 lemons in an egg carton. Each lemon looks a little different, and that’s because each lemon represents a different way that cancer might manifest.

Most importantly, it doesn’t just show you what cancer looks like, it gives you a relatable model that everyone understands a lemon and uses it to model how a lump or bump mightfeelto your hand during a self exam.

Scroll through to learn more.

Here’s the post that started it all: a cancer patient named Erin Smith Chieze decided to communicate what your breastsreally feel like when something potentially dangerous is going on.

She was sick of campaigns that raised awareness without communicating the truth.

She writes:

“Someone once posted a picture on Facebook of what breast cancer can look like. Not feel, but look like.

In December of 2015 when I saw an indentation that looked like one of those pictures, I instantly knew I had breast cancer.

I tried to feel for a tumor, but my tumor was non palpable. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 days later and with stage 4 the following month.

A heart did nothing for awareness. I knew what breast cancer was. I knew all about self exams, but a picture of what to look for keyed me into knowing I had a terminal disease.

We need to give REAL information, not cute hearts.

Without having seen a picture randomly with real information, I wouldn’t have known what to look for.

Do us a favor, stop playing games with my life and start truly helping people. Metastatic breast cancer treatment research and real awareness.”

She goes on to explain that this picture of 12 lemons in an egg carton is very similar to the one that helped her diagnose her own cancer, because it shows off different shapes and lumps that you might be able to feel in your own breasts.

Unlike exam tutorials, which just teach you to look for lumps, this teaches you what lumps might actually feel like.

For example, they show you the difference between feeling a “thick mass,” an “indentation,” and a “hidden lump”

The words alone don’t mean that much to most of us, but in the picture you can see the difference on each lemon, and easily imagine how it would feel on your own breast.

In the past week, the idea to make breast exams more relatable with lemonsis breaking the internet.

The Know Your Lemons campaign tells LittleThings that, after Erin’s post took off, their two sites briefly crashed from the number of people going online to learn more about the campaign.

Now, they’re back up and running at their websites Worldwide Breast Cancer and Know Your Lemons.

The simple, brilliant image is the brainchild of Corinne Ellsworth Beaumont, a designer who shares in her online bio that she lost both of her grandmothers to breast cancer.

While she was studying design, she started thinking about ways to convey the feel and texture of a breast abnormality.

She felt (and she’s right!) that most of the pictures you see don’t really help you understand what it feels like.

With lots of hard work, Beaumont’s passion project became an international campaign to teach women how to check for lumps and bumps.

However, it didn’treally take off until Erin decided to raise awareness in a really tangible way.

She was fed up with campaigns that simply told women to support breast cancer research without giving them concrete steps.

Morgan Swofford at LittleThings

Most importantly, this photo can be shared widely without running into any obstacles.

Illustrations of breast exams, including our own, above, often have to be censored online due to nudity prohibitions.

The beauty of the lemons is that they show you exactly what a breast looks like, without showing any nudity at all! It’s so simple and so brilliant.

So, in that spirit, make sure you join in andSHARE this photo with every woman you know. You just might save her life one day.

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Shannen Doherty Writes Touching Tribute To Radiation-Therapy Machine Treating Her Breast Cancer

Actress Shannen Doherty has been very vocal and open about her battle with breast cancer. She’s admitted to feeling vulnerable and weak, but at the same time incredibly strong and determined.

She has chronicled her battle with the disease on Instagram, where fans can follow updates on what her life has been like as her treatments change.

She recentlystarted radiation treatments five days a week, and is even doubling up her treatments to get well as soon as possible.

It’s a grueling and tiring process, and she’s not afraid to say so. But knowing that it’s the radiation-therapy machine that will help her get better, she’s decided to embrace it. She says that she has a “love-hate” relationship with it, and has even given it a name: Maggie.

In a post, she explains this relationship to the machine, explaining that even though “Maggie”makes her feel sick, she will eventually save her life.

This is Maggie. I’ve seen Maggie five days a week for what seems like forever.

We have a love hate relationship.

I love her because she’s part of the life-saving treatment I’m receiving. It’s astounding how far we have come with technology.

One day, Maggie will be retired and the cure will be found.

Things like immunotherapy are the future, but for now…. it’s me and Maggie.

I’m seeing her twice tomorrow so that I can wrap this phase up faster. Goodnight sweet Maggie. See ya tomorrow. #cancerslayer

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Shannen Doherty Gracefully Responds When Stranger Acts Horrified By Radiation Treatment

In the face of breast cancer, actress Shannen Doherty has shown tremendous courage and faith. She has been very open about all of her struggles, with the disease and with her treatment, as well as how this experience has changed her.

She also isn’t one to shy away from looking weak and tired: she can’t hide it, and can’t deny that cancer and cancer treatment will undoubtedly make even the strongest individual get into the fetal position.

But her illness isn’t stopping her from standing tall and defending herself against the ignorance of others. She has recently started the next phase of her treatment, radiation therapy. In an Instagram post, she tells her fans and followers just how little some people understand about cancer. In fact, it was a woman’s extreme, horrified reaction that got her to respond with both grace and conviction: you can’t “catch” cancer, and the radiation from her treatment certainly won’t “leak” out of her!

“Driving home from radiation with my love @kurtiswarienko Today, we were in an elevator and I was asked how I was feeling.”

“I responded by saying that I had just gotten a radiation treatment so therefore very tired.”

“The random girl on the elevator with us physically lunged away as far as she could.”

“She then proceeded to look horrified for the next 3 floors.”

“Just a heads up…. 1. You can’t catch it.”

“2. The radiation won’t leak out of me and go into you. Hope that helps. #cancertruths from the #cancerslayer”

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Despite Cancer Battle, Shannen Doherty Jets Away For 5th Wedding Anniversary With Husband

In the past few months, actress Shannen Doherty has been focused on getting well and healthy again. Her battle with breast cancer hasn’t been easy, and as someone who spends time in the spotlight, she puts on a brave face for all of her followers and friends.

She isn’t without support, though. Doherty has found hope and comfort in the little things in life, and in the people she loves.

One of those people? Her husbandKurt Iswarienko.

The couple have been married for five years, and he has stuck by her side throughout all the pain and distress the cancer has caused her. They recently celebrated their fifthwedding anniversary, and traveled to Mexico for the occasion.

Doherty has chronicled some of the trip on social media, and posted a heartfelt tribute to her husband, along with a touching picture.

With support like his, we know the actress will overcome this huge hurdle.

Shannen Doherty has been very open about her battle with breast cancer. Someone who is helping her stay brave is her husband of five years,Kurt Iswarienko.

The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary with a trip to Mexico.

The actress postedbeautiful pictures of the trip, along with a heartfelt post, a tribute to her husband.

She says, “5 years ago today I made one of the best decisions of my life. I said ‘I do’ and married my best friend and soul mate @kurtiswarienko Life has thrown us some huge curves and we have faced them together with strength, love, passion and a desire to stand next to one another thru it all. I have learned what partnership truly is with this man. Yes we love to travel and have adventures together like today… hanging out with Vicky the zebra but everyday is an adventure with Kurt regardless of where we are and what we are doing. #thisistruelove #anniversary #mexico.”

Leading up to the trip, Doherty posted several past pictures of her and her husband as part of a “love your spouse” challenge that’s been taking over social media.

She even posted a picture of their wedding day, remembering the vows they took.

Doherty writes that she is thankful and blessed that her husband took those vows of, “in sickness and in health” to heart, as his support had made a world of difference in her fight for her life.

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Shannen Doherty Sends Message Of Support To Michael Bubl After Sons Cancer Diagnosis

In the face of death, many of us would be deeply humbled and look to others, and even to a higher power. A sickness like cancer threatens to take our lives, and in the meantime, tests our fortitude and perseverance.

Shannen Doherty has been fighting breast cancer for many months, and has been vocal about her struggles, exposing her vulnerabilities to friends and fans. She even released a series of photos documenting her journey, showing that cancer does not discriminate against the glitz and the glamour of celebrities.

But she’s not the only celebrity who is struggling with a grim diagnosis. Singer MichaelBubl’s 3-year-old son, Noah, was recently diagnosed with cancer as well. As a father, this must have been particularly difficult to hear. Both he and his wife put their careers on hold to be with their son. It is perhaps impossible to understand their sorrow, but Shannen had some encouraging, heartfelt words for him and his family.

Shannen Doherty has been battling breast cancer and undergoing treatment for the past few months.

Doherty has expressed just how difficult of an experience it is, but stating that it continues to make her stronger by tearing her down and building her back up.

Singer MichaelBubl is facing a cancer diagnosis, too his son’s.

He and his family have been, of course, devastated by the 3-year-old’s illness.

Shannen recently attended the Inaugural Giants of Science Gala on November 5 and, when speaking withEntertainment Tonight,had a few encouraging words forBubl and his family.

She said: Just trust in your doctors. Make sure you have amazing doctors, a great team and know that organizations like the American Cancer Society, Stand Up to Cancer they are doing so much good for cancer.

She added, That positivity, that outlook on life that you can get through something, it actually does get you through.

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Farmers Are Growing Pink Porcelain Doll Pumpkins To Help Find A Cure For Breast Cancer

One of the most funparts of fall is getting to pick out pumpkins!

Heading to the pumpkin patch when the leaves turn was always a tradition in my family, and I have definitely continued itas a grown-up.

And once you’ve procured your perfect pumpkin, there are hundreds of ways you can decorate or display it.

You can go the traditional route and carve a cool face into it,grab your chalkboard spray paint to make a pretty flower pot, or even leave it as is.

You can also pick up a“porcelain doll” pumpkin, which is so naturally pretty, you don’t have to do much of anything to it.

These pretty pink pumpkins aren’t only good for festive decorations, they can also benefit breast cancer research!

Across the country, farmers are giving some of their pink pumpkin proceeds to breast cancer research organizations pretty appropriate considering it it breast cancer awareness month.

Check below to learn more about the pink pumpkins.

[H/T:WGAL News]

Since Halloween is around the corner, everyone is buying up pumpkins left and right to carve, paint, and display on their porches.

But have you ever seen a pumpkin with a natural, pretty pink hue?

They are called “porcelain doll” pumpkins and they mirror the traditional orange pumpkins you find in thefall, except for their elegant muted color.

These pumpkins are good for a lot more than creating beautiful fall displays they can also benefit breast cancer research.

Over 50 farmers across the country are partnering withthePink Pumpkin Patch, whichstrives to aid the fight against breast cancer with their pretty pumpkins.

A portion of every pumpkin purchased goes directlyto organizations conducting breast cancer research.

Troy Starner and student Dawson Garvick are some of the many farmers growingporcelain pumpkins on aNew Oxford, PA,farm.

Having grown over 400 so far, the duo felt compelled to be part of the foundation because of their mothers’ battles with breast cancer, as well as Starner’s stepmother’s.

“Our pink pumpkins provide a fun and meaningful opportunity for people across the country to support breast cancer research,” explainedPink Pumpkin Patch founder and breast cancer survivor Carol Froese toWGAL News.

Launched in 2012, the foundation also encourages pumpkin purchasers to display them on their porches andshow their support for survivors.

You can purchase the pumpkins atWalmart, Kroger, Home Depot, and plenty of other supermarkets.

Pumpkin picking is already so much fun why not do some good along the way by buying a pink pumpkin?

If you’d love to see the cure for cancer in your lifetime,make sure to SHAREthese beautiful and lifesaving pumpkins with friends and family!

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