The dos and don’ts of being a first lady: from Jackie Kennedy to Melania Trump

Now she has officially left New York to follow her husband to Washington, how will Mrs Trump navigate life in the White House?

Ever since her husband was elected president of the United States, theres been speculation about how much Melania Trump really wants to 1) be The Donalds wife; 2) take on the duties of first lady. Not least because it has taken the former model more than a month to move into the White House, which she and her son Barron finally did this week. Barron marked the occasion by wearing a T-Shirt reading The Expert, already now sold out.

Im no expert but, Id wager that despite this move, recent events suggest the answer to question one might still be: very little. During the Trumps first official international trip, to the Middle East and Europe, much was made of Melania twice batting away Trumps outstretched hand (also very little). But while Melania appeared unwilling to hold her husbands hand, it looked like she was finally getting a handle on the whole first lady thing. She has spent much of Trumps presidency shunning the spotlight, leading many to wonder whether Ivanka might be assuming the role of a surrogate first lady. On this first foreign foray, however, Melania seemed to come out of her shell. She bantered with the Pope and visited sick children; Anita McBride, who was chief of staff to first lady Laura Bush, told CNN that when she saw Melania step off Air Force Once with Trump, she looked fully prepared for her role.

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